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Gynecological Disorder

  • Ammenorrhea
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Edema during pregnancy
  • Leukorrhagia
  • Mammary Fibrocyst
  • Morning sickness after first trimesterr of pregnancy
  • Menopause symptom
  • Miscarriage
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Premenstrual Tension Syndrome/PMS
  • Uterus prolapse
  • Vaginal itching


    Many women's disease need treated from the period. If you have a healthy menstruation then you have a healthy body. Women easily influenced their body by their mental, so the stress reduction always need to take care first.


Uterine Fibroid-there are 4 types of fibroid:

A. Subserous type, located outside of uterus, could grow as large as watermelon or like 7 months pregnancy.

B. Submucous type, located inside of uterus wall, most easy to bleed and most difficult to treat in conservative way.

C. Intramural type, located within the uterine wall, could grow either outside or inside of the uterus.

D. Pedunculated type, attached uterus by a stalk, can appear like a big ball on the outside of uterus.


Location is a key whether hysterectomy is truly indicated. If your tumor not big enough to influence your urination or bowel movement, no heavy bleeding or much pain or close to menopause age, then I think the best way to do is as what we offered to our patient which the patient Sharon Sander show her story to share with public by Prevention magazine in 1999.

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