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TCM could use combination of different Chinese herbs as artificial cycles hormonal therapy to regulate your period. Most infertility patients came to our clinic was because their infertility specialist couldn't find the causes and most diagnosis from TCM point of view belong to kidney yang deficient and or Qi and blood insufficient with heart or liver Qi stagnation. A tonic herbs and or regulate Qi , calming spirit herbs are required to add on and it may takes time from 4 months to a year to get pregnant vs 4-6 weeks of IVF treatment cycle. The time to get pregnancy is depend on your age, hormonal level, ovulation, good egg and sperm, good tubes, good uterine lining etc. Patience is very important to the infertility patients, it takes time because its thru a natural cycle and selection.

The following reasons are given to those infertility patients for coming to seek the TCM help:
  • Fear of doctors, surgery, and drugs.
  • If the infertility is "unexplained" then the TCM could find possible causes and raise your pregnancy rate.
  • Already tried 3-5 IVF cycles without success.
  • No response to the drugs during your IVF.
  • If the age of women over 38.
  • If you have tried everything including IVF and other forms of ART but still failed.
  • If you have limited budget, couldn't afford to take IVF or repeat IVF cycles.

What we could do during your IVF cycle?

  • Increase your follicle/egg quality.
  • Increase your estrogen level if it is to low or reduce FSH level if it is too high.
  • Increase sperm's quality and mobility.
  • Reduce side effects of drugs.
  • Increase your response to the ovulation.
  • Increase the thickness of your endometrium if it still too thin.
  • Increase your implantation rates.

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