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Other Special Diseases

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / C.F.S
  • Dizziness
  • Facial rejuvenation


1. Some of the patients with C.F.S., doctor could not find the cause, some may could find the CD4 and or CD8 are low. But no matter how what it is, the doctor is training to treat disease, not to give the nutritional support. Most of these cases are referred to the nutritional doctor or dietitian. However, as I know, they take time to not make it different. Many patients came to our clinic are very surprised how soon I makes them feel different. Some cases I even just gave them one treatment, they already feel dramatic change. How? The diagnosis from TCM point of view is very important, together with patents Chinese herbs, the effect just like a magic. Believe it or not, if you meet the right doctor, there is a magic bullet in the world.

2. Most dizziness patients came to my clinic was because they have the allergy problem. When the mucous accumulated a lot, can't spit out instead of swallowing into stomach, the dizziness happened. Chinese medicine's theory said, no dizziness is no connection with the mucous. So, when we treat dizziness, we also need to treat patient's allergy to stop the source of mucous.

3. Women are so care for their face beauty. The small needle acupuncture could help those patients who concerning their age to keep their face looks younger-face lift, looks brighter and energetic.

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