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Nervous System Disorder

  • Cerebral Disorders- transient ischemic attack, cerebral thrombosis/embolism, cerebral arteriosclerosis, epilepsy, early stage of Parkinson's disease, meniere's syndrome.
  • Cranial Nerve Disorders-trigeminal neuralgia, facial tic, Bell's palsy (facial paralysis).
  • Spinal Nerves Disorders-brachial plexus neuropathy, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, polyneuropathy.


    1. The best time to treat stroke induced patients for hemiplegia is the first 3 months as soon as the patients could discharge from I.C.U. of the hospital. In states, it's the number 3 deaths' ratio disease right after the cardio-vascular and cancer diseases. According to the clinical study of Dr. Zhao, Zai-Zhong / An M.D. of Vice-Professor & vice-Department chief of Back Pain in State NYU, specialized in the field of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation; claims that the acupuncture approach not only the most effective but also the most economic way to help recovery of the partial or full function of the stroked patients.

    In clinic's practice, I have been treated even on the 7th visit, the upper arm could raise above elbow
    from his original 0 degree of muscular strength after stroked. Some cases, even just by less than 10
    visits already made the patients fell get quicker recovery from the hospital they received.

    2. The Bell's palsy has very good result from acupuncture treatment, almost 100% patient either got cured or much improvement.

    3. Trigeminal neuralgia also has very good respond from the treatment.

    4. Meniere's syndrome-the dizziness or vertigo caused by the inner ear's unbalance, the water retention inside inner ear with blood and Qi stagnation.We have patents formula could treat this condition with good response.

    5. Sciatica pain without disc involved, just few visits up to 6 visits could make the pain go.

    6. I have a case of elementary school principal sick with polyneuropathy, not help during the time in hospital. After discharged from hospital, came to see me, about 6 visits she got totally remission. Just can't believe how soon to get recovery.

    7. According to the New Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, April 2005 Vol.37 No.4, based on the group of 60 cases of early stage PD patients, the using of traditional Chinese herbal medicine is makes no different of using dopamine drug except the tremor and self care of life's ability are expressed better than the drug's group. The latter using levodopa is more effective when you really get sick .I personally believe that using the herbal medicine is better than the Yin Tui Na which is actually using medical Qi-Cong to treat PD. Patients if feel interested, I could sell this special formula in the form of extracted powder or capsule or pills through the appointment. Please contact us through e-mail to get our sales information. This special herbal formula has proved the effectiveness through the clinical study of The Second Hospital of Kwanchow TCM University.

    Other Disorders

  • Radicular cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis with sympathetic nerve involvement, irritable bowel syndrome, myasthenia gravis, phantom limb pain,
    Reflux Syndrome Destrophy-R.S.D.


    1. I.B.S. together with herbs will get better result. Also, stress reduction is also important for this type patient.

    2. Phantom pain used the points in scalp, body and ear's combination shall get a better result, not the case for herbs.

    3. R.S.D. patient could be very pain in one extremity or whole body. There are many injuries if not treated in time or well could develop to this disease. Some condition not response from acupuncture treatment but some condition really respond well which depend on the case. I have a case shows in my testimonial part, makes a pain specialist -a neurologist doctor very impressive. He told me that if you help her as she said, you could help most of his pain management case.


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