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" I am 37 years old and have dealt with chronic sinusitis for over twenty years. After having used Western medicine for many years and still having symptoms I wanted another alternative. I decided to see Mr. Tao after moving to the area and not wanting to travel to the Poconos to have acupuncture when needed. I saw Mr. Tao for six weeks one time per week. These were during my most problematic months September and October. After my first visit I noticed an improvement and was able to stop using allergy prescriptions that evening. I woke up being able to breath clearly. I finished my six week session and am not taking any allergy medications. I take one herb that controls post nasal drip. I know for a fact that acupuncture works me! "
~Karl Hertwig

"Thank You, Dr. Tao !!!
I'm a 77 year old asthmatic; on inhalants for about 20 years, and feared every puff I took. Here I am after 4.5 months of acupuncture and herbs, I haven't used an inhalant for 2 months and I'm living a normal life with no asthmatic attacks. Besides, I had loud ear ringing for my both ears, now only my left ear still slight ringing, the right one almost calm down completely.
Again, Dr. Tao, I do so appreciate your kind help."
~Betty M. Pearsol

"I am a 82 year old woman with fibromyalgia began in September, 1999. I had been tried medication gave by my doctor which caused dizziness followed by nausia for five days. The pain medication had been on Celebrex and Vioxx with no relief. After the four acupuncture treatments, my pain was reduced by 50%, particularly on my shoulders and my asthma also feel better after Dr. Tao gave the Chinese herbal medicine, this is to express my great thanks to his help."
~Verna Canova

"I am a 33 year old man with cerebral palsy since early childhood with allergies since age 28. My allergy symptoms indluce sneezing, rhinorrhea, sinus headaches, cough and eustachian tube congestion which sometimes could cause my earache and ear pressure increased. I was unable to tolerate allergy injections, even in low dose could cause me coughing in an hour later. I am going for acupuncture treatment for my vertigo, and one of the treatment could last up to 10 days and another for 30 days, the other symptom of my coughing, asthma, wheezing and sinus congestion and headache, depression also greatly improved and under a good control. The medication to use for inhaled steroid also reduced. I feel I am getting more healthy and will follow up my additional regular visits to control my complex symptom.Thank you, Dr. Tao! "
-Danny Uff

"My daughter is a 13 year old girl with lifelong history of frequent upper respiratory infections. In 1992 she was tested and placed on hyposesitization injections in Houston,Texas until the fall of 1999 became out of control. She had mild asthma and wheezing, some conjunctivitis. Her asthma got it worse whenever had a sinus infection which could cause her postnasal drip and some congestion. During the worst time, she couldn't go to school and have stay weeks at home, she had treated by allergy specialist and ENT specialist with little or no help, and repeated the condition when the weather gets worse or catch cold. After one of my friend highly recommended Dr. Tao's treatment, I decided to gave Liane a try. Having a total course of 12 visits acupuncture with herbal treatment, Liane's condition almost totally remission. The most surprised me was other our family members get sick, she still healthy not looks like she was . I am so gratefull and appreciated Dr. Tao's help. If not him, Liane should not can be so healthy and not need take any medicine."
~Liane steffes's mother

" I am a 59 year old RN with history of asthma since age 38. At the time, I also developed bronchitis and started wheezing even when I stopped smoking. I was treated by my family Doctor by hyposensitization injections for one year and other allergy specialist one by one. However, nothing really works on me which include three times removed nasal polyps and high dosage steroid medicine of both oral intake and nasal inhaler. I even tried acupuncture with herbal treatment through a Lehigh Valley clinic over a year with little help in my sinus congestion and digestion but not help for my asthma/wheezing condition. Through my friend's highly recommended, I decided switch to Tao's clinic to give him a try. To my surprised, only third visit, it already much decreased my breakthrough asthma, my sinus better, my arthritis pain in my hand better and I now used to take Dr. Tao's prescribed herbal mixture's tea instad of those toxin medicine, particular after I gradually reduced the steroid medicine, I feel I become more healthy, my energy feel better, my breathing better, I even not use steroid inhaler any more, my face looks more brighter, everybody what I know all feel me different. I am very pleased to find a miracle Doctor like Dr. Tao did- so quick, so effective." ~Kemper Mahon

"Dr. Tao treated my restless leg syndrome with herbs one day before my 4 hr plane ride which I was concerned about. This was the first time my legs did not bother me...John. Dr. Tao was my last resort for trying to cure my chronic cough. I have been doctoring for this for approximately 10 years with no success. I was being seen by my family doctor, allergist, lung doctor, throat specialist, GERD doctor and had many unnecessary in-patient procedures, medicines, etc. Nothing worked until Dr. Tao. Within 24 hours my cough was suppressed to almost nothing. After 3 months of being treated for allergies, asthma, GERD and cough with mucus, I am not coughing or vomiting and I am off all of my medications for allergy, asthma and coughing except for my inhalers. He has treated me with acupuncture and herbs. My family & friends are amazed at the success... "

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