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" Dear Dr. Tao,
Attached please find my testimonial letter describing the positive outcome that I have experienced under your care. My symptoms are relieved and my quality of life is renewed.I hope my words can help to convince prospective new patients, and the insurance industry, of the great value in your work.Thank you again for your significant contribution to my personal health and well being.
Glen Fulton
Glen Fulton, President
Curriculum Travel of America, Inc.
Allentown, PA - 610-395-6606 (fax: 610-395-8693)
Long Island, NY - 516-513-1198"

Glen Fulton
3888 Blacksmith Road, New Tripoli, PA 18066
March 30, 2010

While traveling to Italy in November 2009, I contracted a sinus infection that first appeared as a simple
common cold with upper respiratory congestion. Upon return to Pennsylvania, still suffering, I saw my family doctor who eventually prescribed two strong antibiotics and the steroid prednisone along with a decongestant. After another month with no relief, my family doctor recommended that I see my allergist, who prescribed an even stronger antibiotic along with a heavier dose of prednisone. After three more weeks and still no relief, my allergist prescribed still another, even stronger antibiotic, ordered a CAT scan that later revealed a total blockage of the sinus drainage system, and hence referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

Nine weeks had then passed with no relief. The ENT specialist prescribed one final course of the strongest?sinus antibiotic available, plus a follow-up CAT scan to be administered three weeks later for comparison. The follow up scan revealed very little change in the blockage, so sinus surgery was now the next logical step. The description of the surgery included breaking my septum and clipping nasal tissue, plus the likelihood of future surgeries every few years as required by most patients. The ENT doctor candidly suggested that you do whatever you can to avoid the surgery? I scheduled the sinus surgery to occur in three weeks but nonetheless had not abandoned alternative treatments. My final option was to try acupuncture, which led me to Dr. Chung-Hu Tao. Five days before the scheduled surgery, I came down with vertigo (another new illness for me), and therefore moved my first acupuncture treatment to that same afternoon with hope that it could also alleviate the dizziness of vertigo along with this extremely stubborn sinus blockage.

Having never experienced acupuncture before in my life, I had no idea what to expect, or where to turn. Dr. Chung-Hu Tao's impressive resume, multiple-state certifications, and professional credentials were all very reassuring. After my initial consultation with Dr. Tao, I immediately began an aggressive regimen of
acupuncture and herbal therapy. Dr. Tao advised four acupuncture treatments over the next six days, and if there were no sinus blockage relief, then I should proceed with the surgery. However, after only two acupuncture treatments, I cancelled the surgery as the sinus blockage had already reduced by about 30 percent. Amazing! Today, after having completed a total of eleven acupuncture treatments over a three week period, my sinus blockage symptoms have disappeared, and the vertigo is 95% alleviated. Considering the three-month barrage of traditional medical treatments and considering the surgical last resort? my results with Dr. Tao are truly amazing! I am cured, and all with NO drugs and NO surgery.

Although my medical insurance covered no portion of my treatments with Dr. Tao, I still saved over one
thousand dollars in deductibles and co-pays versus the surgical option. Also, by exploring the acupuncture
alternative, I successfully avoided lost work time due to post-op recovery, and eliminated the prospect of repeat surgeries for the remainder of my life.

We are fortunate in the Lehigh Valley to have the wisdom, expertise and skills of Dr. Chung-Hu Tao providing supplemental or alternative treatments to traditional medicine. I highly recommend Dr. Tao and will certainly seek his advice for any future medical challenges, both for myself and for my family.
With sincere gratitude,
-Glen Fulton"

"I have had migraine headaches since I was a child. As an adult, I began to also experience sinus problems, nasal allergies, dizziness, ear congestion, tinnitus and TMJ. By the time I first went to Dr. Tao, my dizziness was so bad I could barely turn my head without taking a spin. I had also been having chronic headaches every day.

I was grateful that Dr. Tao is very gentle with his patients, since I have a fear of needles. He also made special accommodations for me because my dizziness made me feel like I was falling off the patient table.

I began to see improvement after just a few weeks of acupuncture and herb treatments. My dizziness has been greatly reduced, and I no longer have daily headaches. My tinnitus has improved so much that I rarely notice it anymore. There has also been much improvement with my sinus problems, nasal allergies, ear congestion and TMJ. Each successive treatment seems to bring more relief.

Unlike many other doctors, Dr. Tao didn't focus on just one of my conditions. He realized some of them are related and treated the whole person."

- Maria, Hamburg, Pa.

"I am a 55 year old man with a history of Meniere's disease for four years. I had a severe vertigo one year ago and prior to that has tinnitus and loss of hearing. A CAT scan was reportedly negtive. I have a sister in Florida with
similiar condition. I was treated by an ENT specialist with Antivert as needed up to three times a day, Allegra once a day and Hydrochlorothiazide once a day. They helped and was worse in terms of vertigo off of them. The worst time when I was driving in the highway, have to be stopped in the roadside for an hour and tolerated the big truck passing by to be able to drive back home later. Due to the effect of the medication is not good as in the beginning also plus the concerns of the side effects of the medication. I decided to find a alternative treatment. Through the website of Tao's Acupuncture, I decided to give Dr. Tao a try. He suggested stop all the medicine from what I taken, used hispatent's Chinese herbal medicine begins with 3 times a week for acupuncture
treatment then gradually down to once a week. For the past month, my vertigo with ear pressure and dizziness already completely gone, just left some ear ringing which is not bothered me as before. I believe from the time going, my tinnitus shall also could finally get rid of it. Thank you, Dr.Tao!"
~Michael Solomon

"I am a 33 year old man with cerebral palsy since early childhood with allergies since age 28. My allergy symptoms indluce sneezing, rhinorrhea, sinus headaches, cough and eustachian tube congestion which sometimes could cause my earache and ear pressure increased. I was unable to tolerate allergy injections, even in low dose could cause me coughing in an hour later. I am going for acupuncture treatment for my vertigo, and one of the treatment could last up to 10 days and another for 30 days, the other symptom of my coughing, asthma, wheezing and sinus congestion and headache, depression also greatly improved and under a good control. The medication to use for inhaled steroid also reduced. I feel I am getting more healthy and will follow up my additional regular visits to control my complex symptom.Thank you, Dr. Tao!"
~Danny Uff

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