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Neck Pain

"Dec.3, 2013 Dear Mr. Tao, I want to thank you for the wonderful relief for achieved for the neck, shoulder pain I was suffering from. I am Austrian move from U.S. Now by took the opportunity to see my 100 years old mom. By my amazing the first time, my sick arm can totally raise up from 130 degree to 180 degree then my left arm can raise upright too. My other treatment over the past year were unsuccessful. Your acupuncture capability did the trick. A grateful thanks."

- Marshall Decker


"I was very skeptical about acupuncture ever working but after having headaches every day for a few months with no relief from western medicine I had to try something. Now I have Asian friends whom told me it works so I tried the acupuncture. After about the third treatment I actually started to feel better. A few more treatments later my headaches were gone and I did not change anything in my life to cause this. So later when I strained a muscle in my back I returned and this time only after two treatments the muscle pain was gone. This has created a believer in me that acupuncture actually works. I would recommend anyone to at least try it for a few treatments and see by yourself how affective acupuncture can be. Currently I am seeking acupuncture to help with other medical problems and so far it is working. It is amazing to me that something like acupuncture truly works. JUST TRY IT."

- Skeptic Todd

"I experienced pain in my left shoulder, radiating to my left arm and also to my chest. I had electro-cardiogram and nuclear stress test, my heart is o.k. but a cervical MRI diagnosed advanced DJD at C5-6 and C6-7 with spurring and severe foraminal stenosis at C5-C6 and moderate stenosis at C6-7. The alternate was surgery or pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Both of these drugs were extremely pain to my stomach.

My level of pain was 8-9 scale on 10 bases which is the worst. With drugs bring it to a level 5-6 only. After 2 cycles of acupuncture treatment (10 visits is one cycle) with Chinese herbs, my level of pain down to 1-2 scale of 10 and my arm only has minor sensations now. This is tolerable as compared to the discomfort experienced before coming to see Dr. Tao.

As an additional benefit, Dr.Tao prescribed an excellent herb for my chronic sinus condition which totally relieved my allergy symptoms for years."

~ Robert M.Gris, Bethlehem, PA.

"I am a 81 year old woman with osteoarthritis for years in my hands, neck, lumbar spine and both hips. In order to avoid medication of NSAD to upset my stomach, raise my blood pressure and the concern of damaging my kidney, I decided to try acupuncture. After about 5 treatments, I feel I have almost no pain at all, the spasm of by trapezius muscle also much reduced. I am glad I could maintain this health condition without side effects."
~Elva Lower

"This letter is in reference to my visit to your office on May 24,2001. The service provided helped me incredibly, you gave me acupuncture to the neck, upper back, and lower back areas. The pain I experience is due to an auto injury from December 11, 1999. The single visit with you changed my back pain for months so I am convinced of the success and necessity."
~Cindy Smicker

"I injured my back in 15 years ago and required surgery to remove a cervical disc. Since then, my spine has further deteriorated due to spinal stenosis from c-1 to c-7. This condition resulted my mobility in my neck and painful back spasms and numbness in my extremities which also caused sleep loss and inability to many
dimple tasks, particular move my arm above shoulder.

The spinal epidurals, pain and antispasmodic medications made my condition tolerable, nothing seems to give me relief. My neurololgist Dr. Lorraine
Spikol, suggested try acupuncture and referred me to see Dr. Tao. After four weeks of ten treatments, the painful spasms and numbness are gone. I began to
notice marked improvement by my third visit. I could sleep to eight hours a night and planning my first fly fishing trip this year. Thank you, Dr. Tao."
~Kenneth F. Polscer

fter 4 years of searching for a solution for my pain in my left side and neck, I had 18 x-rays, 1 MRI, 1 bone scan and some physical therapy, I had no relief. I only received 2 treatments from Dr. Tao, my pain has been so minor."
-Ed Rauch

"I am a 70 year old female who suffered from arthritis and spurs in my neck for several years. The pain intensified after suffering whiplash from a car accident. I have visited chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, general practitioners, neurologists, ENT specialists, and also have had 3 MRI's, and I was told one of my choices was surgery. I went to Dr. Tao and had relief from pain and dizziness after my first treatment."
-Marie Hook

"In April 1994, I suffered a severe stroke with left side paralysis. I have even been given medication one chemical after another. I came to Dr. Tao and within three treatments, my back and neck were no longer in spasm and the pain was reduced in my left shoulder. By the fourth treatment, my shoulder was free of pain and my range of motion was resolved to normal..."
-Dr. Rudy Mueller, E.S.U.

"I am a 48 yer old female internal medicine specialist and had motor vehicle accidents in August, 1997 and January, 1998. In both accidents I I developed a flextion-extension injury and also had head injury from the second accident. I have the pain in my right side of skull and the occipital region and burning pain in the arms and thigh which is resolved with acupuncture. I tried different medication before with either poor relief or with the gastro-intestinal side effects. Since I tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I could reduce my headache, arm and leg pain and decreased the pain like "Brain Fog" since injury. Due to the multiple reactions or the ineffectiveness of traditional medications, I recommended the patients with pain from auto accidents history to have people like Dr. Tao's speciality must give you great help."
~ Dr. Alexsandra Motroni

"I am a 45 year old executive secretary at Lehigh Valley hospital injured in a motor vehicle accident in May, 1993. I have been through numerous pain management treatments and consultations even in Philadelphia. After I seen Dr. Tao for acupuncture treatments from July through September of 2000, he already successfully controlled the pain which includes numbness down to the arms, inner aspects of my legs to my feet, burning and muscle spasm to my arm, leg and shoulder. I tried different medications, however, it only caused me drowsiness or upset stomach. I am so grateful to Dr. Tao that so many modalities have been ineffective, so expensive and caused me many side effects, he still could relieved my pain without any medication."
~Debra Hughes

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