General Infertility
Acne Insomnia
Abdominal Pain Intercostal pain
Allergy Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Anemia/Iron Deficiency Kidney Stones
Ankle Pain Knee Injury
Anxiety Knee Pain
Arthritis Leg Pain
Arm Pain Meniere's Symptom
Asthma Menopausal Symptoms
Auto Injuries Menstruation Disorder
Back Pain Mouth Sores*
Bells Palsy Migraine
Bronchitis Multiple Symptoms
Cancer Support Nausea & Morning sickness
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Neck Pain
Catch Cold Neuropathy
Cerebral Palsy Osteoarthritis
Chronic Cough Pancreatitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pediatric Diseases
Cirrhosis Psoriasis
Colitis Piriformis
Concentration Problems Quit Smoking
Dental Raynauds Syndrome
Depression Restless leg Syndrome
Diarrhea RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)
Earache Sciatica Pain
Eczema Shingles
Elbow pain Shoulder Pain
Eye Disease Sinusitis
Fatigue Skin Disease
Fatty Liver Spinal Scoliosis
Fibromyalgia Spinal Stenosis
Foot Pain Stomach Pain
Gallbladder Disorder Stress
Genital Herpes Stroke
Gerd (gastroesophageal reflux disease) Stroke Induced Sequela
Tennis Elbow
Graves Disease Thigh Pain
Groin Pain Thoracic outlet syndrome
Hand Pain Tourett's Syndrome
Headache Tietze's Disease
Hernia Pain Tinnitus
Herpes TMJ
Hip Pain Trigger Finger
Hypertension Vertigo
Hyperthyroid Visual Problems
Hypothyroid Women's Disease
  Work Injuries
  Wrist Pain


"I just wanted to say thank you!! When my doctor told me to try acupuncture I was very doubtful and then my aunt recommended you!! I wasn't sure what to expect!!

You are very professional, very knowledgeable, and I felt we had a common ground - "to get me better!!" Although, I didn't get fully better I was very impressed!!

I would recommend you to anyone and if I ever had another problem I would try acupuncture first before I tried anything else!!!! Thank you, Dr. Tao!!!
You're the best!"
~ Mary Greaser

"It is clear to me that Dr. Tao's patient, caring, and informed approach is an excellent adjunct to the usual Western way of medicine. I believe it is a healthier way to deal with certain intractable medical problems and recommend to those with chronic problems to give a try."
~Cynthia Anderson

"This is the card to thank you for you have always been so generous to me. Sometimes I thanks my lucky stars for having poor health-otherwise I would not come to know the value of Chinese medicine and I would not have met you! The Divine Spirit works in mysterious ways-Thank you for your love & tender care."
~Jill Elizabeth

"I would like to extend a sincere thank you from my heart to you support during our Annual Gathering, "Living in the Heart." Your participation was a contributing factor in making this special event possible. I hope your day was filled with many wonderful and peaceful memories. From my heart"
Executive Director of Inner Harmony Wellness Center.

"It was again a pleasure to have you speak to the physical therapy students at the university of Scranton. Your lecture and demonstration were very informative and pertinent for physical therapy students."
~John P. Sanko, Ed. D., P.T., Associate Professor.

"Thank you for making me pain free! I feel like a human being again. After 8 months of terrible pain, I feel like a lady again. Thank you really isn't enough. God Bless You! "Much love."
~Vilma Merced

"Thank you for speaking at our Lecture Series on Alternative Medicine. Your speech on traditional Chinese medicine has not only provided the audience with an excellent opportunity to learn more about this time-honored system of healing but also stimulated their interest in alternative medicine as a whole. we are pleased to report to you that the majority of the audience we surveyed were very positive about your speech, who expressed their appreciation of your view on traditional Chinese medicine, your clinical experience, and what is more, your effort to interact with the Mulenberg community with your speech and serve the Lehigh Valley with your practice."
~Da'an Pan, Ph.D.,
Professor of Chinese Civilization, Mulenberg College.

"Keystone College and the Lupus Foundation of NEPA would like to thank you for your willingness to share your time, experience, and expertise in presenting at the Alternative Medicine Symposium. The fact that the conference was so successful is a true indication of the value of your participation. We appreciate your commitment to the project."
~Marilyn Deutsch, Ph.D., Committee Co-Chairpersons

"Thank you for your participation in the Lucent Technologies Health Fair. This was the second fair we've run and once again it was a big success. It was my pleasure to have worked with you. I look forward to continued collaboration with you in our efforts to improve and maintain the health of Lucent's employees. Again, many thanks."
~Joan Bass, RN

"Dr. Tao is kind and genuinely wants to help. He was compassionate to my daughter's pain and called us at home to check her condition."
-Mother of Amanda

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