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Leg Pain

"For three years my legs gave me so much pain that I couldn't sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I saw many Doctors-none of them could do anything for me, my daughter suggested acupuncture.

After three treatments from Dr. Tao I was able to sleep through the night and my pain is gone!"
~John S. Wentz

"I never truly understand the phrase "excruciating pain" until I injured my back and experienced the effects of a herniated disc, the MRI shows I have a large disc herniation in my right L4-L5 & L5-S1. Physically, I suffered from intense hip and leg pain in the middle of the night. I could not stand, walk, sit or sleep without feeling some degree of pain.

Even though I was in a physical therapy program, I needed something more to manage the pain. The high doses of Ibuprofen I was taking gave me no lasting pain relief, so I turned to acupuncture.

I felt the back and hip pain slowly melt away with each consecutive acupuncture session. The acupuncture sessions were extremely relaxing and Tao's bedside manner is calm and caring - the perfect combination for someone in near-tears pain. With Traditional Chinese Medicine my pain went away, stayed away and I feel great!"
~Heather Henry

"For years I had gone to Chiropractors and Physical Therapy without avail. In one visit to Dr. Tao, I had feelings in my foot and leg again. After 3 more visits, I felt like my old self again-with the herbs you had given me, my sinus cleared up, my respiratory breathy also cleared up and the numbering discomfort sensations was gone. How does one thank someone who has given me back my leg and boosted my self image? Dr. Tao, I can simply say thank you and God Bless you. thank you again, my friend."
~willard Kelly, M/Sat. USAF. Ret.

"I am a 58 years old female woman suffered from neuropathy seconary to a degenerative disc for 25 years. I had a fusion of my disc by an orthopedic Doctor but still no relieve the pain and got it worse. Then I went to see a
neuologist Doctor, gave the topamx and Neurontin with no result of my neuropathic pain and numbnes on my right foot and toes. In addition to pain, I also had electric shocks periodically with socks feeling and lumps under my foot. After I taking three different kinds of herbal medicine and six acupuncture treatment from Dr. Tao, the cramping of my foot has stopped and electric shocks are gone, the sensation of my foot back even I standing in a long time for eight hours. I am very pleased the treatment what Dr. Tao gave me."
~Andrea Dunn

"Over the past 3 weeks I have come to enjoy little or no discomfort in either the ankle or the leg.  Thanks to your professional help in relieving the pain I had in my lower left leg and ankle. After having  undergone a back operation for pinched nerves and therapy, I experienced a period of no gain and constant pain in my ankle and leg. After several tests with negative results, I came to seek acupuncture treatment."
-Richard C. Rutledge, Sr.

"I am 83 years old. In 1 visit to Dr. Tao, I had feeling in my foot and leg again."
-Willard Kelly

"I am a 64 year old woman with a history of hypertension for over 20 years. In Feb., 2000 I had a mild CVA with shooting and burning neurogenic pain in the left arm complicating it. After three months for 12 acupuncture treatments, I feel a 80% better. I am very glad the progress so far I did and thanks your help".
~anna Grossman

"I am a 45 year old executive secretary at Lehigh Valley hospital injured in a motor vehicle accident in May, 1993. I have been through numerous pain management treatments and consultations even in Philadelphia. After I seen Dr. Tao for acupuncture treatments from July through September of 2000, he already successfully controlled the pain which includes numbness down to the arms, inner aspects of my legs to my feet, burning and muscle spasm to my arm, leg and shoulder. I tried different medications, however, it only caused me drowsiness or upset stomach. I am so grateful to Dr. Tao that so many modalities have been ineffective, so expensive and caused me many side effects, he still could relieved my pain without any medication."
~Debra Hughes

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