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Foot Pain

"After 4 weeks of acupuncture and herbal treatment, I had no more pain from the bunion I suffered for 10 years and my severe cramps, emotional distress and heavy flow associated with my menstruation were normal. Thank you Dr. Tao."
~Kathy Jones

"On March 15,2000, I was hit at a red light and pushed me on the passenger side to the red light which fall on my car. I was found my car floor and admitted overnight by the Trauma service at Lehigh valley Hospital. I was then referred by my family Doctor to see physical therapy three times a week for seven weeks which was not helpful. Then I referred by my family Doctor again to see a pain specialist who ordered an MRI, which revealed a fracture at the 9th thoracic veterbra. I was given two epidural injections and told that I would have to live with this pain. In addition this, I also have pain in my right side of my back and thorax in the muscle with a reconstructed foot required for my fractured foot. In the past, I have to wear a back, neck, and foot brace and unable to be upright for more than two hours or I have to lie down to reduce the pain. After I treated by Dr. Tao with acupuncture, magnetic cupping and Chinese herbs, my pain level from 8 of 10 down to wear off for 4-5 days which let me could deal with pain without pain medication and zoloft , Xanax as well. I do appreciate Dr. Tao's help."
~Merjorie Genicola

"For years I had gone to Chiropractors and Physical Therapy without avail. In one visit to Dr. Tao, I had feelings in my foot and leg again. After 3 more visits, I felt like my old self again-with the herbs you had given me, my sinus cleared up, my respiratory breathy also cleared up and the numbering discomfort sensations was gone. How does one thank someone who has given me back my leg and boosted my self image? Dr. Tao, I can simply say thank you and God Bless you. thank you again, my friend."
~willard Kelly, M/Sat. USAF. Ret.

"I am an 86 year old woman has diffused pain in my right upper thigh, both knees and the left foot. My orthopedic surgeon-DR. Patrick Respet who felt that I was not acceptable a a surgical candidate for replacement of the knee joint. My left foot felt as though it was a block of wood. After several acupuncture treatment with herbal patch and herbal liquid, I could return the feeling in my left foot. And after I finished one course treatment which has 12 visits totally. I feel my general condition has improved from previous unbearable to bearable condition. And I am glad to I could live with that."
~Josephine Kovacs

"I am a 58 years old female woman suffered from neuropathy seconary to a degenerative disc for 25 years. I had a fusion of my disc by an orthopedic Doctor but still no relieve the pain and got it worse. Then I went to see a
neuologist Doctor, gave the topamx and Neurontin with no result of my neuropathic pain and numbnes on my right foot and toes. In addition to pain, I also had electric shocks periodically with socks feeling and lumps under my foot. After I taking three different kinds of herbal medicine and six acupuncture treatment from Dr. Tao, the cramping of my foot has stopped and electric shocks are gone, the sensation of my foot back even I standing in a long time for eight hours. I am very pleased the treatment what Dr. Tao gave me."
~Andrea Dunn

"I am 83 years old. In 1 visit to Dr. Tao, I had feeling in my foot and leg again."
-Willard Kelly

"Though a foot doctor prescribed a cortisone orthotic 3 times, they were unsuccessful to my plantar fascitis. I decided to try Acupuncture. Within 3 visits, Dr Tao relieved my pain using a combination of Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture."
-Bruce Kaplan

"I am a 47 year old female with at least two year history of plantar fasciitis. I was initially treated with Vioxx eighteen months ago with partial response. I was next treated by a podiatrist with three steroid injections into the heel plus Vioxx. The next step is apparently endoscopic surgery. To avoid surgery as possible, I had acupuncture treatments by Dr. Tao for about 10 visits with using patents Chinese herbs and extracted herbal patch. I am glad to say, the pain has gone and I could walk as normal and very happy not need to take for endoscopic surgery."
~Janet Barber


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