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Acne Insomnia
Abdominal Pain Intercostal pain
Allergy Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Anemia/Iron Deficiency Kidney Stones
Ankle Pain Knee Injury
Anxiety Knee Pain
Arthritis Leg Pain
Arm Pain Meniere's Symptom
Asthma Menopausal Symptoms
Auto Injuries Menstruation Disorder
Back Pain Mouth Sores*
Bells Palsy Migraine
Bronchitis Multiple Symptoms
Cancer Support Nausea & Morning sickness
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Neck Pain
Catch Cold Neuropathy
Cerebral Palsy Osteoarthritis
Chronic Cough Pancreatitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pediatric Diseases
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Concentration Problems Quit Smoking
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Eczema Shingles
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Eye Disease Sinusitis
Fatigue Skin Disease
Fatty Liver Spinal Scoliosis
Fibromyalgia Spinal Stenosis
Foot Pain Stomach Pain
Gallbladder Disorder Stress
Genital Herpes Stroke
Gerd (gastroesophageal reflux disease) Stroke Induced Sequela
Tennis Elbow
Graves Disease Thigh Pain
Groin Pain Thoracic outlet syndrome
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Hernia Pain Tinnitus
Herpes TMJ
Hip Pain Trigger Finger
Hypertension Vertigo
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Hypothyroid Women's Disease
  Work Injuries
  Wrist Pain

Multiple Symptoms

"For 15 years I had the Mystery Ailment (while in my 20's & 30's). There was excessive fatigue & brain fog, doctors were baffled & my finances nearly depleted.
Finally I chanced upon "heat depuration" which worked wonders -- though I had to repeat it periodically for the next 5 years to get an even keel.
It was determined that solvent exposure plus prescription drugs caused this mysterious ailment - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The body was overloaded with chemical garbage.
That's my background- worked for a gas station of a petroleum corp..

So after sick with bronchitis & severe hypertension & harsh side effects from prescription drugs, I came to your center for holistic support. It seemed to me that herbs with a long history of safe use would be preferable to recently patented & pricey pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has endured for centuries & the perspective, thinking & approach are fundamentally different from the mainstream paradigm.
My hypertension was diagnosed as stage 2 & I resigned myself to taking synthetic drugs for the rest of my life. I then began your acupuncture & herbs. For the first half of last year, I took BP herbal pills 2 or 3 times a day. Since then I've been completely off the stuff-chemical drug medicine. (My BP right now incidentally is 117/82 & I've been lax with my exercise lately). I appreciate that.
Thanks also for the energy fixes following the illness & after over exertion.
In any case, you've provided me also an interesting experience: fine tuning the body.
Mainstream care conversely seems best suited to dire emergencies only.
Beyond that, without a prescription pad they'd be 0% effective.
Also, even with insurance, the co-pays for consultation & drugs are not
So Thank you for your patience, teaching & help."

"I wanted to thank you for helping me get my life back. For three years, I had struggled with anxiety after the birth of my first daughter. However, this anxiety multiplied after the birth of my second daughter and I was experienced deeply panic attacks. I tried all the traditional options from my family doctor but then took my life into my own hands and found you---my lifesaver. You listened and really understood what I wanted out of your services. I've only been seeing you for a few months, but in this short time, everyone in my family has noticed a positive difference. I was able to stop taking anti-depressants my doctor had me on and was able to take your herbal medicines to get better results. I am happy to say I am free of panic attack now. In a few months, it has made me a happier, healthier person. Not to mention all the help you have given me. In other ailments-knee pain, colds, allergies-you cured then all in such short time. Thank you!"
~Angie Schaffer

i Dr. Tao,

I came to you for help as I suffer from Anemia and this in conjunction with a heavy menstruation had left me completely exhausted and unable to get out of bed once a month.

I appreciated the time you spent to completely understand all the symptoms I was experiencing and the detailed questions you asked before you suggested a treatment.

In four months, you were able to raise my core body temperature, return my pulse to a normal level, increase my energy, and reduce my heavy menstruation; until you could treat my iron deficiency and help me to maintain a normal menstrual cycle.

Four months of acupuncture and herbs, succeeded in doing what four years of taking iron pills from my regular family doctor did not.

Additionally, a year and half ago I injured my toe - I chipped the bone and bruised the toenail - I had swelling at the ball of the foot and discoloration of the toenail. I had two x-rays and three visits to my foot doctor who told me to expect a lengthy healing process.

I asked you at one visit to treat my foot and you agreed - one treatment only and two months later - my foot no longer swells and my toenail has healed.

I would and do highly recommend you to anyone who suffers from any disorder, as I have learned that you do not dismiss any symptom and treat the whole person.

I wish you continued health and success personally and professionally.
Thank you Dr. Tao."

"I have had migraine headaches since I was a child. As an adult, I began to also experience sinus problems, nasal allergies, dizziness, ear congestion, tinnitus and TMJ. By the time I first went to Dr. Tao, my dizziness was so bad I could barely turn my head without taking a spin. I had also been having chronic headaches every day.

I was grateful that Dr. Tao is very gentle with his patients, since I have a fear of needles. He also made special accommodations for me because my dizziness made me feel like I was falling off the patient table.

I began to see improvement after just a few weeks of acupuncture and herb treatments. My dizziness has been greatly reduced, and I no longer have daily headaches. My tinnitus has improved so much that I rarely notice it anymore. There has also been much improvement with my sinus problems, nasal allergies, ear congestion and TMJ. Each successive treatment seems to bring more relief.

Unlike many other doctors, Dr. Tao didn't focus on just one of my conditions. He realized some of them are related and treated the whole person."

- Maria, Hamburg, Pa.

"On March 15,2000, I was hit at a red light and pushed me on the passenger side to the red light which fall on my car. I was found my car floor and admitted overnight by the Trauma service at Lehigh valley Hospital. I was then referred by my family Doctor to see physical therapy three times a week for seven weeks which was not helpful. Then I referred by my family Doctor again to see a pain specialist who ordered an MRI, which revealed a fracture at the 9th thoracic veterbra. I was given two epidural injections and told that I would have to live with this pain. In addition this, I also have pain in my right side of my back and thorax in the muscle with a reconstructed foot required for my fractured foot. In the past, I have to wear a back, neck, and foot brace and unable to be upright for more than two hours or I have to lie down to reduce the pain. After I treated by Dr. Tao with acupuncture, magnetic cupping and Chinese herbs, my pain level from 8 of 10 down to wear off for 4-5 days which let me could deal with pain without pain medication and zoloft , Xanax as well. I do appreciate Dr. Tao's help."
~Merjorie Genicola

"I am an 86 year old woman has diffused pain in my right upper thigh, both knees and the left foot. My orthopedic surgeon-DR. Patrick Respet who felt that I was not acceptable a a surgical candidate for replacement of the knee joint. My left foot felt as though it was a block of wood. After several acupuncture treatment with herbal patch and herbal liquid, I could return the feeling in my left foot. And after I finished one course treatment which has 12 visits totally. I feel my general condition has improved from previous unbearable to bearable condition. And I am glad to I could live with that."
~Josephine Kovacs

am 41 year old MD from the Dominican Republic and psychotherapist in US. I have a past history of kidney stones with fatty liver recently found by CAT scan which caused my right upper rib pain, low energy. After I treated by Dr. Tao, my whole energy better, brain more clear and my kidney stone after I took ultrasound prove it's gone. Most important, the discomfort on my right upper back also went away. In the meantime, my appetite also under controlled by the ear tacks leave on my ear and my weight and cholesterol level also reduced."
~ Melchor Martinez, MD in Dominican Republic

am a 48 years female, suffered from the multiple pain as the subject about three years ago. Those injuries caused by using heavy wheelbarrows of mulch. I have been treated by Doctors under different medication, however, the Naprosyn can cause me nausea and Daypro can make me bruising. I also took the Vioxx for six months and it has not been helpful. I also see a massage therapist, a myotherapist and chiropractor for musculoskeletal problems with little or no help.

Finally, thru the Dr. Conrad Weiser recommended me to try of acupuncture, I have been seen Dr. Tao, initially to have a three times a week then reduced to once a week, I have no longer migrates my low back pain to my lower leg and elbow pain with the shoulder pain relieved as well."
~Diane Mcmakin

"Dr. Tao has helped my menopausal symptoms, tinnitus, sinusitis, gall bladder and also has treated my periodontal problems. We're very lucky to have someone who does this kind of whole-person treatment in our area."
-Janice Matthews

ince 1988 I have experienced tinnitus and occasional pain in my left ear. I was sent to an ENT doctor for an MRI, and no cure was found. In 1992 I began experiencing dizziness and blurred vision. I saw another ENT doctor and a neurologist. Nothing was found and my tinnitus increased intensely making life uncomfortable. After a second visit I noticed a 50% reduction and the pain in my ear had eased. After the 5th treatment it had lessened, at times up to 80%. My other problems, like menopausal symptoms, stomach ailments and gallbladder pain also improved by the treatment thanks to Dr. Tao for helping me regain my heath."
-Deborah Pennel

"After a flare up of sarcoidosis in late fall 1998 cusing lung problems and subsequently a heavy prescription of prednizone, it was the acupuncture and herbs which cured my back pain and sciatica problems and low energy caused by prednizone. Then to make bad year worse, I contracted either rocky mountain spotted fever or ehrlichia in May 1999. This eventually led to bell palsy on the right side of my face. Having already been familiar with the healing power of the acupuncture and herbs, I came to you as soon as I was physically well enough to endure trip(9 days after the onset of bells palsy). I had been told by my other doctors that hopefully the bells palsey would go away in 3-5 months. To the amazement of the doctors, after 6 treatments and 3 weeks from the onset, I was about 95-98% better. Thanks again for your help."
-William H. Edinger

"I am a 48 yer old female internal medicine specialist and had motor vehicle accidents in August, 1997 and January, 1998. In both accidents I I developed a flextion-extension injury and also had head injury from the second accident. I have the pain in my right side of skull and the occipital region and burning pain in the arms and thigh which is resolved with acupuncture. I tried different medication before with either poor relief or with the gastro-intestinal side effects. Since I tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I could reduce my headache, arm and leg pain and decreased the pain like "Brain Fog" since injury. Due to the multiple reactions or the ineffectiveness of traditional medications, I recommended the patients with pain from auto accidents history to have people like Dr. Tao's speciality must give you great help."
~ Dr. Alexsandra Motroni

" I am a 59 year old RN with history of asthma since age 38. At the time, I also developed bronchitis and started wheezing even when I stopped smoking. I was treated by my family Doctor by hyposensitization injections for one year and other allergy specialist one by one. However, nothing really works on me which include three times removed nasal polyps and high dosage steroid medicine of both oral intake and nasal inhaler. I even tried acupuncture with herbal treatment through a Lehigh Valley clinic over a year with little help in my sinus congestion and digestion but not help for my asthma/wheezing condition. Through my friend's highly recommended, I decided switch to Tao's clinic to give him a try. To my surprised, only third visit, it already much decreased my breakthrough asthma, my sinus better, my arthritis pain in my hand better and I now used to take Dr. Tao's prescribed herbal mixture's tea instad of those toxin medicine, particular after I gradually reduced the steroid medicine, I feel I become more healthy, my energy feel better, my breathing better, I even not use steroid inhaler any more, my face looks more brighter, everybody what I know all feel me different. I am very pleased to find a miracle Doctor like Dr. Tao did- so quick, so effective." ~Kemper Mahon

"Dr. Tao treated my restless leg syndrome with herbs one day before my 4 hr plane ride which I was concerned about. This was the first time my legs did not bother me...John. Dr. Tao was my last resort for trying to cure my chronic cough. I have been doctoring for this for approximately 10 years with no success. I was being seen by my family doctor, allergist, lung doctor, throat specialist, GERD doctor and had many unnecessary in-patient procedures, medicines, etc. Nothing worked until Dr. Tao. Within 24 hours my cough was suppressed to almost nothing. After 3 months of being treated for allergies, asthma, GERD and cough with mucus, I am not coughing or vomiting and I am off all of my medications for allergy, asthma and coughing except for my inhalers. He has treated me with acupuncture and herbs. My family & friends are amazed at the success... "

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