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Believe it or not, the following patient, just one visit already relieved her most pain in 2 years. She thanks me with her tears in eyes. She also tell me that she even tried another famous acupuncture clinic in our area without get help even.

Dear Dr. Tao,

I am desperate. Due to a head injury almost two years ago, in which I hit my head and dissected my right carotid artery (since healed), I have suffered acute migraines daily. My pain is semi-managed by Neurontin, Fioricet, and a lot of Motrin, but at times is nearly unbearable.
I am a 55-year old teacher, and I cannot imagine living my life this way forever. I was about to contact a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, when I realized that pressure on my face and head helps to relieve the severe pain. I went onto the Internet and found you. Do you think you can you help me?

> Sincerely and hopefully,
Mrs. Cohen

"I was very skeptical about acupuncture ever working but after having headaches every day for a few months with no relief from western medicine I had to try something. Now I have Asian friends whom told me it works so I tried the acupuncture. After about the third treatment I actually started to feel better. A few more treatments later my headaches were gone and I did not change anything in my life to cause this. So later when I strained a muscle in my back I returned and this time only after two treatments the muscle pain was gone. This has created a believer in me that acupuncture actually works. I would recommend anyone to at least try it for a few treatments and see by yourself how affective acupuncture can be. Currently I am seeking acupuncture to help with other medical problems and so far it is working. It is amazing to me that something like acupuncture truly works. JUST TRY IT."

- Skeptic Todd

"I have had migraine headaches since I was a child. As an adult, I began to also experience sinus problems, nasal allergies, dizziness, ear congestion, tinnitus and TMJ. By the time I first went to Dr. Tao, my dizziness was so bad I could barely turn my head without taking a spin. I had also been having chronic headaches every day.

I was grateful that Dr. Tao is very gentle with his patients, since I have a fear of needles. He also made special accommodations for me because my dizziness made me feel like I was falling off the patient table.

I began to see improvement after just a few weeks of acupuncture and herb treatments. My dizziness has been greatly reduced, and I no longer have daily headaches. My tinnitus has improved so much that I rarely notice it anymore. There has also been much improvement with my sinus problems, nasal allergies, ear congestion and TMJ. Each successive treatment seems to bring more relief.

Unlike many other doctors, Dr. Tao didn't focus on just one of my conditions. He realized some of them are related and treated the whole person."

- Maria, Hamburg, Pa.

"I suffered from constant headaches for six months. After my first visit to Dr. Tao, the headaches disappeared for several hours. After the second visit, the headaches disappeared for a day. After roughly six visits, the headaches disappeared completely and have not come back.

My airborne allergies had progressed to the point where a simple sniff of mold would cause me to be nauseous for days. My food allergies had progressed to the point where a taste of mold would cause my face to swell and my throat to nearly close off. After just a few acupuncture treatments from Dr. Tao, my symptoms have almost completely disappeared and my life is normal again.

Best wishes"
Stephen L., Ph.D.
- Asst. Professor of Accounting Lehigh University

"I am a 33 year old man with cerebral palsy since early childhood with allergies since age 28. My allergy symptoms indluce sneezing, rhinorrhea, sinus headaches, cough and eustachian tube congestion which sometimes could cause my earache and ear pressure increased. I was unable to tolerate allergy injections, even in low dose could cause me coughing in an hour later. I am going for acupuncture treatment for my vertigo, and one of the treatment could last up to 10 days and another for 30 days, the other symptom of my coughing, asthma, wheezing and sinus congestion and headache, depression also greatly improved and under a good control. The medication to use for inhaled steroid also reduced. I feel I am getting more healthy and will follow up my additional regular visits to control my complex symptom.Thank you, Dr. Tao! "
-Danny Uff

"After you treated me for a few visits  to my wrist and headache, it's about 90%  improved.  I will wait until I have problems with it and return to you for treatment again."
-Dr. Koff, D.D.S.

"I am a 48 yer old female internal medicine specialist and had motor vehicle accidents in August, 1997 and January, 1998. In both accidents I I developed a flextion-extension injury and also had head injury from the second accident. I have the pain in my right side of skull and the occipital region and burning pain in the arms and thigh which is resolved with acupuncture. I tried different medication before with either poor relief or with the gastro-intestinal side effects. Since I tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I could reduce my headache, arm and leg pain and decreased the pain like "Brain Fog" since injury. Due to the multiple reactions or the ineffectiveness of traditional medications, I recommended the patients with pain from auto accidents history to have people like Dr. Tao's speciality must give you great help."
~ Dr. Alexsandra Motroni

"My daughter had severe headaches. After ruling out anything "serious" by having several x-rays and a CAT scan done, she was treated for sinusitis, with antibiotics, painkiller and anti-inflamatory medication. these gave her no relief. She had by this time, already missed 2 weeks of school. After one treatment from Dr. Tao, along with herbs he prescribed, she was able to return to school. After the second treatment, her headaches were almost completely gone. He also left small "tacks", very small needles taped on her ears. If her headache began, she could massage these points. This was very helpful. Dr. Tao was also very patient and understanding when working with my daughter. Thank you Dr. Tao
.~D. Kriger


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