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Arm Pain

A past stoty- Using two needle in one time,one point, cured my friends mom -an 94 years old lady .who complain her upper arm’s pain in months.

County I took the opportunity to see my high school good friend’s mom who lived in Arcadia, CA and my friend just retired from kaiser permanente hospital, his mom in general good condition, already 94 years old, she lived in a quite nurshing home alone w/aide. Her grandson possesed a double degree in M.D. & Law degree working in his L.A. office. Her main complain field. I noted her right upper arm feel painful for months when touch her , she received cortison shot but not works. After I doing physical exam , I feel it’s incovenient for her to rest her body, I decided immediately found her ashi point needling her cross the leg area instead which is the opposite leg in left side up knee. Only took about 1-2 mins., I found her matched my thought she feel one spot has g reat sensitive sensation, I immediately took 2 x 1.5” needly put together to strength the power, after I insert the needle to th e spot –ashi spot, I ask the old lady to raise the arm, she had a little difflculty raise the right arm from 30” to 90” then gradully better after practice. The needle after stayed 20 mins. I then asked my friend’s mother, did she still feel pain ? The answer is positive, keep up pain free for 3 months already. And the obsevers about 7-8 people, almost all changed the calling me from Mr. to Dr. shows their most respect. And my friend told me his mom show her upper arm’s raise up freely to every new vistor and praised the advantage of acupunctureis how efficiently to help her w/o pain and secured good so long without any side effects.

- 3.2014 in Arcadia -L.A.

"Dec.3, 2013 Dear Mr. Tao, I want to thank you for the wonderful relief for achieved for the neck, shoulder pain I was suffering from. I am Austrian move from U.S. Now by took the opportunity to see my 100 years old mom. By my amazing the first time, my sick arm can totally raise up from 130 degree to 180 degree then my left arm can raise upright too. My other treatment over the past year were unsuccessful. Your acupuncture capability did the trick. A grateful thanks."

- Marshall Decker

"I experienced pain in my left shoulder, radiating to my left arm and also to my chest. I had electro-cardiogram and nuclear stress test, my heart is o.k. but a cervical MRI diagnosed advanced DJD at C5-6 and C6-7 with spurring and severe foraminal stenosis at C5-C6 and moderate stenosis at C6-7. The alternate was surgery or pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Both of these drugs were extremely pain to my stomach.

My level of pain was 8-9 scale on 10 bases which is the worst. With drugs bring it to a level 5-6 only. After 2 cycles of acupuncture treatment (10 visits is one cycle) with Chinese herbs, my level of pain down to 1-2 scale of 10 and my arm only has minor sensations now. This is tolerable as compared to the discomfort experienced before coming to see Dr. Tao.

As an additional benefit, Dr.Tao prescribed an excellent herb for my chronic sinus condition which totally relieved my allergy symptoms for years."

~ Robert M.Gris, Bethlehem, PA.

"I am a 64 year old woman with a history of hypertension for over 20 years. In Feb., 2000 I had a mild CVA with shooting and burning neurogenic pain in the left arm complicating it. After three months for 12 acupuncture treatments, I feel a 80% better. I am very glad the progress so far I did and thanks your help".
~anna Grossman

"I am a 45 year old executive secretary at Lehigh Valley hospital injured in a motor vehicle accident in May, 1993. I have been through numerous pain management treatments and consultations even in Philadelphia. After I seen Dr. Tao for acupuncture treatments from July through September of 2000, he already successfully controlled the pain which includes numbness down to the arms, inner aspects of my legs to my feet, burning and muscle spasm to my arm, leg and shoulder. I tried different medications, however, it only caused me drowsiness or upset stomach. I am so grateful to Dr. Tao that so many modalities have been ineffective, so expensive and caused me many side effects, he still could relieved my pain without any medication."
~Debra Hughes

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