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Tennis Elbow

"I am a 44 year old retailer for lawn ornaments and outdoor flags. Six years ago I was injured while was selling and lifting wrought iron shepherd crooks. I had to lift them over my head and onto my car. I developed bilateral tennis elbow. I couldn't lift any heavy thing any more which could influence my living. I was treated with ultrasound and hot packs at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Home for five visits. There was no improvement with that treatment plus a patch with multiple pain medications. After a cycle of acupuncture 10 treatments with ingesting herbs, my pain has down to a minimum and I could lift my arm to work as normal now."
~Martin Weinberg

am a 48 years female, suffered from the multiple pain as the subject about three years ago. Those injuries caused by using heavy wheelbarrows of mulch. I have been treated by Doctors under different medication, however, the Naprosyn can cause me nausea and Daypro can make me bruising. I also took the Vioxx for six months and it has not been helpful. I also see a massage therapist, a myotherapist and chiropractor for musculoskeletal problems with little or no help.

Finally, thru the Dr. Conrad Weiser recommended me to try of acupuncture, I have been seen Dr. Tao, initially to have a three times a week then reduced to once a week, I have no longer migrates my low back pain to my lower leg and elbow pain with the shoulder pain relieved as well."
~Diane Mcmakin

"I developed tendonitis in my right elbow in the summer of 1998, I first sought  relief at a chiropractor for a month in using heat and electrical stimulation, it's not working. Then he referred me to my family doctor who gave me a shot of cortisone and elbow brace which gave me temporary relief, however, in about a week the pain was back. Then my primary physician gave me another cortisone shot with the same effect-a week later the pain returned. After 4 acupuncture treatments, my elbow has improved 90% with only a tweak of pain now and then. Dr. Tao has opened my mind to where I now."
-Daniel F. Kelly


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